Former NFL QB takes a creative path

Initially drafted in 2003 - Gibran Hamdan spent six years as an NFL Quarterback.

He spent time as a member of various teams including the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, & Buffalo Bills.

He was named the NFL Europe MVP in 2006 as captain of the Amsterdam Admirals.

Gibran Hamdan was an NFL Quarterback before becoming an Artist, Designer, and Businessman
Gibran Hamdan is a creative designer to help with logo design, illustration, and creative projects in Seattle

Once an Artist. Always as Artist.

Creativity pushed aside.

To this day one of Gibran's best memories is his father's defense of his artistic side.

You see while Gibran was able to make it to the most elite level of professional sports - that was an unlikely outcome.

Gibran moved to the US from Kuwait where he spent the ages 3-9. It wasn't until local friends noticed his athletic prowess - namely his arm strength - that his athletic dreams were born.

As sports became more and more a priority in his life his father would always say:

"If you think he's good at sports you should see his art!"

Gibran spent the next 20 years using his work ethic, perseverance, and talent towards achieving athletic success. He earned a full scholarship to be a two-sport athlete at Indiana University. Eventually, he spent six years in the pros.

So while much of his focus was away from creative pursuits during his athletic career, Gibran is now finding space to pursue his joy.

In the past 10 years, Gibran has used the same drive that led his athletic career to devote his time and energy to creativity.

His lifelong love of art paired with a do it yourself mentality finds him all these years later as an accomplished branding expert, photographer, videographer, fashion designer, visionary, and illustrator.

It started with a sewing machine.

Gibran launched Alial Fital in 2010

Gibran had intended to pursue a career in television upon retiring from the NFL in 2010, but a common household item changed his post playing career forever.

Gibran taught himself how to make patterns and then sew using his wife Jenny's sewing machine. Making his own dress shirts, Gibran’s friends started requesting the carefully designed and custom-made polos for themselves.

No soon after Gibran decided to start a fashion line from scratch

The impetus for starting Alial Fital, an internatioanlly recognized Golf brand, came from a desire for Gibran to focus on his favorite things - design, art, and creativity.

Alial Fital would go on to sponsor PGA tour pro Bo Van Pelt - who would win numerous best dressed awards while wearing Gibran's designs

Gibran's desire to learn and curious mind found him executing each and every part of running a successful creative business

Alial Fital

Gibran Hamdan

Gibran Hamdan is a creative designer to help with logo design, illustration, and creative projects in Seattle

Polymath in practice.

A creative force of nature

Independence is an interesting thing.

While building Alial Fital, Gibran enjoyed a freedom to create and learn independently.

Free of account managers and corporate protocol, Gibran creates with passion and towards his hearts content.

From that drive and a desire to never be boxed in creatively, Gibran is continually expanding his pursuits.

Years of creative experience make Gibran a strategic force in brand identity, website design, print assets, clothing, customer acquisition, and onboarding.