Alial Fital

After a 6 year career as an NFL QB and earning NFL Europe MVP honors, Gibran Hamdan created Alial Fital (Ah-lee-all Fit-ahl)

Gibran taught himself how to make patterns and then sew using his wife Jenny's sewing machine. Making his own dress shirts, Gibran’s friends started requesting the carefully designed and custom-made polos for themselves.

The impetus for starting Alial Fital came from a desire for Gibran to focus on his favorite things - design, art, and creativity.


Bo Van Pelt: In Alial Fital's inaugural year of 2011 a gentleman named Robert Van Pelt was one of its best customers.

That April, two of Gibran Hamdan's (AF CEO) dearest friends, Jim and Katie Leonhard were in town on a visit of the company's then home of Minnesota. Jim an avid golfer and fan mentioned they should watch the annual Masters tournament that Sunday. Although Gibran wasn't much of a golf fan at the time he wanted to be a gracious host. As they watched the tournament and a certain Bo Van Pelt shot up the leaderboard into 8th place, Gibran casually remarked to Jim - "that's interesting our best customer's last name is Van Pelt". Immediately Jim exhaulted - "Gibran, Bo is short for Robert! It may be the same guy!".

Shortly thereafter the two cross referenced the AF database and sure enough a professional golfer was buying Alial Fital polo shirts directly from It didn't take long for Jim and Gibran to imagine the possibility of AF sponsoring a PGA Tour pro.

Months passed and AF grew steadily focusing on the sale of fashion specific polos. That all changed that December. A short email from Bo himself to expressed his interest in being sponsored by our American Made brand.

Needless to say we jumped on the opportunity and our Golf specific line was born. BVP charged Gibran with not only developing a high performance variation of his designs but co-ordinating his looks from head to toe for the 2012 season.


Alial Fital proudly produces all of its one-of-a-kind garments right here in the U.S.A. Manufacturing our clothing in downtown Los Angeles ensures the highest quality control & labor practices.

In addition, stateside production allows us to create limited quantities of our designs, offering extremely unique pieces, rather than mass produced production runs needed overseas.