Sporting Design by GIBRAN

Cincinnati Bengals concept, 2021

During my rookie year in the NFL I spent many of my free hours designing football uniforms on the NCAA Football Playstation game with my teammate Matt Bowen.

Now after a 6-year NFL career as a Quarterback and 10+ years in the design field I realize that my first design love - creating uniforms for sports teams - has stuck with me all these years.

This uniform design project is simply something I decided to embark on as an outlet to realize this passion. While these unis will never see the light of day - the process brings me tons of joy.

This mockup / idea is in no way endorsed by the Cincinnati Bengals or the NFL, and is strictly intended for display purposes.

Begals Helmet Concept

Likely a controversial decision, seeing as Bengals fans largely regard their iconic helmet design to be untouchable, I've added an injection of white.

The design decision was two fold. First, I think that the splash of white makes the subsequent jersey set more vibrant and bold than simply the current orange only version. Second, it's a gentle nod to the Bengal fur.

Jersey Side Views

As you can see I've ditched the attempts to convey the begal stripes on the sleeves of the jersey top. Instead, I've introduced a burnout technique within the jersey to subtly yet more boldly present the stripes concept.

Noted additional details include the custom "Nati" Nike design on the shoes and pointed font.

GIBRAN in the Jersey

I never played for the Bengals, but if they had these Jerseys and we're searching for a backup quarterback, I'd sign right away.