Addictive Coffee Roasters

Mike Ralls of Addictive Coffee Roasters has been roasting coffee for the last 4 years and is ready to launch his dream. According to Mike his mission "is to rebrand the term ‘Addictive’ that is positive, being addicted to your positive obsessions in your life."

Mike spent some time woking with other designers but ended up coming to me thanks to a referral from a friend who characterized me as an "outside the box" guy.

Mike charged GIBRAN with a logo design / bag design / web design directive.

The partnership produced what I think is a strong brand presence that will help him carve a niche in the crowded third wave coffee market.

More than anything I am happy to have captured his courageous California vibe in the mark and subsequent branding materials.

At the end of the day he’s believing in himself and his creative spirit to put something of his own into the world - that’s my jam. Here’s to NO LIFE DEBT.

Addictive Coffee Roasters Bag Design

Addictive Coffee Roasters Logo Design

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